Broken Format Mixtape, No. 9: Athens Night (Boulevard)


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1. LONG LEGGED WOMAN “Yours is Mine”
2. MOUSER “Lemonly”
3. GRIPE “History of Violence”
4. THE INSTRUMENTS “Song for Thomas”
5. KILLICK “Piece by Piece (Slayer cover)”
6. COULIER “F— F— F—”
7. FAIRBURN ROYALS “Be My Punk Rock Friend”
8. OF MONTREAL “I Can’t Stop Your Memory”
9. VISITATIONS “Joanne (Live on WUOG)”
10. JIM WILLINGHAM “Liver-Spotted Hand”
12. R.E.M. “Pilgrimage”
13. ELF POWER “Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home”
14. THE SUGAR SHAKERS “Geniveve”
15. HARVEY MILK “Get It Up & Get It On”
17. CHRISSAKES “Granby”

And thus ends the Athens Night mixtapes. Thanks for indulging this trip down memory lane, plus a few nods to the Georgia town’s current scene. If you missed any, you can download them all here.

Photo: Madeline Adams of the short-lived Sugar Shakers (she’s now just “Madeline”) performs at the 40 Watt circa 2002 (by Lars Gotrich).

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 8: Athens Night (Pulaski St.)


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1. PHOSPHORESCENT “Sunday Morning Coming Down (Live on WUOG)”
2. PACIFIC UV “Static Waves”
3. THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL “Define a Transparent Dream”
4. WELCOME HOME, NEMO “Give U My Lovin’”
6. THE LATE B.P. HELIUM “The Weeping Soul”
7. SEA OF DOGS “Foreign Streets”
8. THE GOOD SHIP “The Maco Light”
9. DRIP “Disappeared”
10. CINEMECHANICA “The Professor Burns Vegas”
11. JUCIFER “Code Escovedo”
14. THE GERBILS “Glue”
15. HIRO NOODLES “Yellow Light Truck”
16. SMOKEDOG “Reverberation”
17. MAKING PLANETS “Three Steps Shy”

Photo: Fans at what would become Little Kings for Pylon’s “secret” reunion show on August 5, 2004 (by Lars Gotrich).

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 7: Athens Night (Prince Ave.)


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1. SOUTHERN BITCH “Free Man Now”
2. 63 CRAYONS “Mrs. Brewster”
3. CARRIE NATIONS “Farming Communities”
4. VIC CHESNUTT “Florida”
5. WEATHER RADIO “I Don’t Know ‘Scream’”
6. MASERATI “Towers Were Wires”
7. CHARTREUSE “Triage”
8. NOW IT’S OVERHEAD “Profile”
9. MASTERS OF THE HEMISPHERE “Anything, Anything”
10. THE B-52’S “52 Girls”
11. I AM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER “Metro (Brooklyn Mix)”
12. HUNTER GATHERER “Forever Had a Voice”
13. HEROS SEVERUM “The Mechanics of It”
14. THIS SCARES ME “[???]” *
15. THE STAR ROOM BOYS "Why Do Lonely Men and Women Want to Break Each Other’s Hearts"
17. JE SUIS FRANCE “California Rules”
18. LIFE IS A FIGHT “Ambrosial”
19. PRIDE PARADE “If You See Her, Say Hello”

* I can’t remember the name of this song, which came from a This Scares Me discography CD-R I burned years ago. Speaking of Athens thrash, would loooove some vinyl rips of or Divorce.

photo: Ian McCord of Carrie Nations performs at Tite Pockets (by Lars Gotrich)

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 6: Athens Night (Hancock Ave.)


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1. VENICE IS SINKING “Pulaski Heights”
2. MACHA “The Nipplegong”
3. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM “The Lonely Universe”
4. READING “Kiss Me Lively”
5. TELENOVELA “Breakfast with Birds”
6. GARBAGE ISLAND “Heart Skins”
7. MARTYR & PISTOL “Becky”
8. THE MUSIC TAPES “Nimbus Stratus Cirrus (Mr. Piano’s Majestic Haircut)”
9. PYLON “Cool”
10. MURDER BEACH “Tightest Pants”
11. MICHAEL “Token Laureate”
12. JOE CHRISTMAS “A Pretty Girl Never Lights Her Own Cigarette”
13. MADELINE “Uncle’s Got a Sweetheart”
14. NUÇI PHILLIPS “Organ Grinder”

photo: Vanessa Briscoe Hay performs at what would become Little Kings for Pylon’s “secret” reunion show on August 5, 2004 (by Lars Gotrich).

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 5: Athens Night (Broad St.)

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1. WE VERSUS THE SHARK “You Don’t Have to Kick It”
2. CASPER AND THE COOKIES “Equal Thomas Ford”
3. SUMMER HYMNS “Mr Brewer (Cackle Cackle)”
5. THE WEIGHT “Ships”
6. ISHUES “Game Time”
7. DARK MEAT “Dead Man”
9. CEILING FAN “I’m Boring”
10. THIMBLE CIRCUS “I am punkrock”
11. ZUMM ZUMM “The Office”
12. MARSHMALLOW COAST “Pink Underwear”
13. THE GLANDS “Work It Out”
14. NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL “Song Against Sex”
15. NANA GRIZOL “Stop and Smell Thee Roses”
16. FIVE EIGHT "I’m Still Around"

photo: Jeff Tobias of We Versus the Shark performs at Chi-House (by Lars Gotrich).

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 4: To Sleep

Download (192 kbps) [Running time, 59:19]

BJORK “Desired Constellation (Ben Frost’s School of Emotional Engineering Mix)”
OVAL “Shed,” split LP w/ Liturgy
KYLE BOBBY DUNN “Canyon Meadows,” Ways of Meaning
TENNISCOATS “Tasmania: For a Bay,” 10
DEMHUNGER “The Hers — 29”
LÜÜP “Spiraling,” Meadow Rituals
RICHARD YOUNGS “Tessellations,” Amplifying Host
LUCIANO CILIO “Interludio (da Dialoghi dal presente),” Dell’universo Assente
MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL “Everything Must Die,” Slow Architecture
JAKOB BATTICK & FRIENDS “Three Orphans,” Bloodworm Songs
MKWAJU ENSEMBLE “Hot Air,” Ki-Motion

photo credit: The National Archives via Flickr

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 3: Yeah Yeah

Download (192 kbps) [Running time, 54:25]

TEEN DAZE “Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover),” Headed for the Ditch
THE GOLDEN FILTER “Solid Gold,” Voluspa
FORD & LOPATIN “Channel Pressure,” Channel Pressure
WASHED OUT “Echoes,” Within and Without
KELLY ROWLAND “Motivation (feat. Lil Wayne)”
BORIS “Party Boy,” Attention Please
GANG GANG DANCE “Adult Goth,” Eye Contact
PROFESSOR JAY “Ndio Mzee,” Machozi Jasho Na Damu
REAL MAGIC “No Things Left”
JAVIERA MENA “Luz de Pierdra de Luna,” Mena
PIZZA PARTY “Fire Lands,” Perimeter Stills
TEENGIRL FANTASY “Cheaters (Beautiful Swimmers Shoulda Known Remix)”

photo credit: New York Public Library via Flickr

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 2: Text

Download (192 kbps) [Running time, 1:00:28]

BIBIO “Sugarette,” Ambivalence Avenue [Warp]
MAXIMILLION DUNBAR “Pretty Please,” Cool Water [Ramp]
KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN “Disingenuous,” Disingenuity b/w Disingenuous [Pan]
TYLER, THE CREATOR “Yonkers,” Goblin [XL]
JACKIE MCLEAN & MICHAEL CARVIN “De I Comahlee Ah,” Antiquity [SteepleChase]
JOSHUA ABRAMS “Dolphin Cave Dazzling,” Natural Information [Eremite]
JAMES BLAKE “To Care (Like You,” James Blake [Universal]
PROTECT-U “World Music (Dub),” World Music EP [Future Times]
ITAL “One Hit,” Ital’s Theme [100% Silk]
JOHN CALE & TERRY RILEY “Church of Anthrax,” Church of Anthrax [Columbia]
CLIVE TANAKA Y SU ORQUESTA “Lonely for the High Scrapers,” Jet Set Siempre No. 1 [Burger]
JULIANNA BARWICK “The Magic Place,” The Magic Place [Asthmatic Kitty]

Broken Format Mixtape, No. 1: Fray

Download (192 kbps) [Running time, 57:55]

HARALD GRTOSSKOPF “So Weit, So Gut,” Synthesist [RVNG Intl.]
DYLAN ETTINGER "Gordon’s Theme," New Age Outlaws [Not Not Fun]
MUSSY “Imaginary Villain (Doom Vs. Tim Hecker),” 2009, In Review [self-released]
FIELDED "Reason," Terrageist [Catholic Tapes]
MTUME & THE UMOJA ENSEMBLE “Separate Not Equal,” Alkebu Lan (Land of the Blacks) [Strata East]
ROCKETNUMBERNINE “Matthew and Tobey,” Matthew and Tobey [Text]
SPACE GHOST “Hisaishi Monsta,” Pyramid Dreams [Sweat Lodge Guru]
DEMDIKE STARE “Bardo Thodol,” Liberation Through Hearing [Modern Love]
BERU “OnlyThroughLove,” Only Through Love: A Tribute to Carl Sagan [self-released]
YELLOW SWANS “At All Ends,” At All Ends [Weird Forest]