Broken Format Mixtape, No. 6: Athens Night (Hancock Ave.)


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1. VENICE IS SINKING “Pulaski Heights”
2. MACHA “The Nipplegong”
3. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM “The Lonely Universe”
4. READING “Kiss Me Lively”
5. TELENOVELA “Breakfast with Birds”
6. GARBAGE ISLAND “Heart Skins”
7. MARTYR & PISTOL “Becky”
8. THE MUSIC TAPES “Nimbus Stratus Cirrus (Mr. Piano’s Majestic Haircut)”
9. PYLON “Cool”
10. MURDER BEACH “Tightest Pants”
11. MICHAEL “Token Laureate”
12. JOE CHRISTMAS “A Pretty Girl Never Lights Her Own Cigarette”
13. MADELINE “Uncle’s Got a Sweetheart”
14. NUÇI PHILLIPS “Organ Grinder”

photo: Vanessa Briscoe Hay performs at what would become Little Kings for Pylon’s “secret” reunion show on August 5, 2004 (by Lars Gotrich).