Broken Format Mixtape, No. 7: Athens Night (Prince Ave.)


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1. SOUTHERN BITCH “Free Man Now”
2. 63 CRAYONS “Mrs. Brewster”
3. CARRIE NATIONS “Farming Communities”
4. VIC CHESNUTT “Florida”
5. WEATHER RADIO “I Don’t Know ‘Scream’”
6. MASERATI “Towers Were Wires”
7. CHARTREUSE “Triage”
8. NOW IT’S OVERHEAD “Profile”
9. MASTERS OF THE HEMISPHERE “Anything, Anything”
10. THE B-52’S “52 Girls”
11. I AM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER “Metro (Brooklyn Mix)”
12. HUNTER GATHERER “Forever Had a Voice”
13. HEROS SEVERUM “The Mechanics of It”
14. THIS SCARES ME “[???]” *
15. THE STAR ROOM BOYS "Why Do Lonely Men and Women Want to Break Each Other’s Hearts"
17. JE SUIS FRANCE “California Rules”
18. LIFE IS A FIGHT “Ambrosial”
19. PRIDE PARADE “If You See Her, Say Hello”

* I can’t remember the name of this song, which came from a This Scares Me discography CD-R I burned years ago. Speaking of Athens thrash, would loooove some vinyl rips of NĂ˜ or Divorce.

photo: Ian McCord of Carrie Nations performs at Tite Pockets (by Lars Gotrich)