Top 25 Metal Albums Of 2013


NPR Music saved the loudest for last. Today I published my favorite 10 metal albums of 2013, but, as well all know, that’s severely limiting, so here are the 25 albums that kicked my ass this year. There are links to stream full albums where available.

Come back in early January for my personal year-end list — you know, the one with Paramore on it.

The top “ten”…

15 more for a neat 25…

And, for the hey of it, 22 metal songs that I listened to endlessly, in no particular order…

  • "One Last Chance" by High Spirits
  • "Dream House" by Deafheaven
  • "D.C. Sound Attack" by Clutch
  • "Metal Porno Slut" by Intoxicated
  • "Straight into Your Grave" by Audrey Horne
  • "Insane with Faith" by VHOL
  • "Razed to the Ground" by Pinkish Black
  • "Preacher Man" by Twitching Tongues
  • "White Life Lies" by Agrimonia
  • "Arch Cadaver" by Autopsy
  • "The Pregnant Life" by A Pregnant Light
  • "Thief" by Kayo Dot
  • "Shame" by Jucifer
  • "The Survival Fires" by Inter Arma
  • "Siege Mentality" by Satan
  • "Late for an Early Grave" by Victor Griffin’s In-Graved
  • "Flammifer" by Summoning
  • "Taste of the Grave" by TOAD
  • "Master of the Cosmological Black Cauldron" by Inquisition
  • "Chasing Dreams" by You Only Live Once
  • "Leave No Cross Unturned" by Darkthrone
  • "The Needle and Damage Done" by Cloud Rat
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