On the occasion of his performance at the New Museum, Graham Lambkin has assembled a mix he describes as “music that has been a strong influence on my work over various periods, and/or artists I greatly enjoy/admire.”


01. Mandy Morton ‘Compline Anthem’

02. PFN ‘Sarajevo’

03. Eberhard Schoener ‘Ramayana (Balinesisches Märchen)’

04. Joe McPhee & John Snyder ‘Red Giant’

05. Honeyelk ‘Osmose’

06. Norma-Jean Erdmann-Chadbourne ‘Verdi: Aida: Tomb Scene’

07. Paul Gernes ‘untitled’

08. Godfried-Willem Raes ‘Vox Hum 1: Talking Flames’

09. Wim van Dulleman ‘Thomas de Hartmann: Hallelujah’

10. Pyrolator ‘Struktur 01’

11. Ad Vitam ‘L’oie Sacrée’

12. ZNR ‘Printemps au Jardin Potager vu d’en Haut’

13. Gregory Allan Fitzpatrick ‘Det Onda Tornet’

Graham Lambkin and C. Spencer Yeh perform live at the New Museum on Friday June 22, at 7 p.m. Click HERE ( for more information and tickets.

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