A List Of 2011 Year-End Metal Lists

Man, 2011, what a ride. Let’s open up another case of cheap-ass beer and pour one out for ol’ two’leven, amiright? Oh, hold on, 2011 wants to say something. He looks a little pukey, though.
"Damn you all to hell. [Dry-heaves.] 2012 already done told me that Varg’s gonna re-constitute some moar old Burzum songs like George Lucas on weekend bender with Jar Jar Jack-Off. Happy friggin’ New Year, assholes."
2011, you’re not taking this year-end thing in stride, like, at all.
"Dude, you’re the one that didn’t hear the records by Vektor, Syven, Ravencult, Corrupted or Cara Neir until last week. Why the hell did you run your year-end metal list at the end of November?”
I mean, it’s a scheduling thing. NPR, man… deadlines. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve collected a smattering other year-end metal lists and articles that already has me digging into the stuff I missed.
"Are they in any particular order?"
Alphabetical. Also, this is not at all comprehensive, just lists that had something interesting to say, or provided a complete opposite taste from my own.
"You’re so false."

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