From Adult Swim’s singles series, hear the first song in 20 years from stoner-metal band Sleep

Sleep was hilariously cagey in a very brief email exchange with me. One of the bits up there, but also…

It would be impossible to describe any new material from Sleep that does not yet exist. There is no preconceived idea of what the new material should be. It would be an amalgamated effort of decades of riff immersion.


About 13 years ago, I walked into Nuçi’s Space in Athens, not knowing anybody or much about the bands playing — just a college freshman taking advantage of the music scene of the town I’d just moved to. (That’d get me in trouble, grade-wise, but that’s another story.)

It’s there that Laura turned around between the local opener and the headliner and said, “I’ve seen you on the Myers Quad. Do you know Owls?” I didn’t, but that was not only my belated introduction to the Kinsella emo brand but also a group of college friends that practically said, “You’re not the only weird one anymore. We’re all weird.”

So here’s to seeing Owls tonight at the Black Cat for first time since 2001 and the uplifting notion that music really can be the connector to a bunch of misfits. So, yeah, go see a show, make a friend with someone wearing the t-shirt of a band you like.




I’m making a master upload of all the Gerogerigegege albums in a single zip, for convenience. This includes every release excluding the following:

  • The Gero-P (First release I think, unfindable)
  • Public Environment (Limited to 5 copies, unfindable)
  • Piano River (10 copies, never for sale, friends only release)
  • Live At Tokyo Gay Center (Limited to 10 copies, unfindable)
  • The split with Masonna (1 copy, unfindable)

It also doesn’t include some releases that never had actual music on it, like Shaking Box Music and Art Is Over. I also left out Recycled Music because it doesn’t have any of their own material on it.

This took a while to compile, plus its 1.4 GB.

Get gegege!

What in the…